The Future of Intelligent Trading.


We use Machine Learning and Deep Learning to turn complex big data set’s (both traditional and alternative) into valuable and actionable insights to be used by clients on their Investment activities.

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  • Market Data

Predictive Analytics Software Systems

is an A.I. based tech company which combines traditional data with alternative data to develop intelligent and innovative solutions that allow you to be equipped to compete in the new reality of the capital markets and modernize your own portfolio offering.


We provide tailor made algorithmic investment signals to meet our specific client needs

A.I. Quant Investment Strategies

We give unprecedented access to machine-learning strategies, visionaries and personal approaches.

  • Our algorithmic solutions have always in mind multi objectives: Capital Preservation and Capital Growth while minimizing risk/drawdown.
  • Modified Risk Parity, Sentiment based stock picking, Pair Trading and Arbitrage are some of the proprietary solutions developed by our team
  • Signal generation to enable hedging strategies or to prompt triggers according to specific client criteria are also available

Asset Allocation

  • We provide what is missing on traditional portfolio optimization: what are the expected return and risk for defined set of different assets. This way our clients can allocate their money better.
  • Our proprietary models identify patterns related to market regimes, returns and the best portfolio combination outcomes to address clients specific targets. With transparency and cost effectiveness.

Media Impact

By using Natural Language Processing tools and Deep Learning, we enable our clients no only to invest according to media and social media sentiment but also to evaluate company brands sentiment evolution, who is influencing and is being targeted, what is being said, how media e social media are addressing specific topics and to measure impact of all of what is happening in real time.

Becoming Relevant

PASS is also a technology company that develops software solutions, including automated information systems and automated and systematised collection of information in systems focusing on cost optimisation, benefiting from the extensive experience of its partners. Among the several areas developed by the company, is the application of data analysis through machine learning applied to efficient stock management and the construction of systems energy consumption optimization in installations with refrigeration systems, such as Datacenters and Refrigeration installations for the Food and Fishing Industries, taking into account that nowadays the cost of energy is one of the highest operating costs in the industry.

Disclaimer: PASS S.A. does not endorse, advises or issues recommendations on investments. The usage of our software solutions is of full client responsibility.


We use Machine Learning and Deep Learning to turn complex big data sets into valuable and actionable insights to be used by clients on their Investment activities.


The type of solutions and technology developed by our team are only available to the large banks and Quant Hedge funds and everyone has its own solutions.

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We have results and specific answers to problems. Our solutions working in a robust platform able to provide ready to use solutions covering the most important problems of the Investment Management Industry.

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It may take 4 or more years for an organisation to setup, go through the learning curve, have a team with experience working together and developing a robust proprietary platform with algorithmic solutions for the industry current problems. Without guarantees of success.

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